Os Agravos Interno e Regimental Buy online


Rafael de Oliveira Guimarães

Os Agravos Interno e Regimental

About the book

This work aims to discuss the issue of monocratic decisions made by appeals court judges and reporting ministers, mentioning the issue of the possibility of appealing or not of these decisions, such as the decision in the sole paragraph of art. 527 of the Civil Procedure Code, a situation in which a divergence between legal principles can be seen. On the one hand, the principles of appealable of 2nd instance and that of collegiality and, on the other hand, the principles of economy and procedural speed.

In order to “relief” the Courts, sometimes the right to appeal is impaired or the access to petition for urgent relief is impeded, with the inevitable consequence of an increase of other procedural remedies, such as the writ of mandamus against a judicial act. Therefore, the work discusses the principles related to the Courts to, subsequently, analyzes the decision-making power of the reporting judge, as well as elucidating the means available to challenge monocratic decisions, that is, the use of resources usually known as regimental appeal, internal and other means of challenge.


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