Curso de Direito Processual Civil Moderno – 6.ª edição Buy online


José Miguel Garcia Medina


Curso de Direito Processual Civil Moderno – 6.ª edição

About the book

The 6th edition of the Course on Modern Civil Procedural Law is revised, updated and expanded, considering legislation, doctrine and jurisprudence that arose since the previous edition. The doctrine was written in a didactic way. In addition, synoptic tables and flowcharts of the most relevant procedures were added, in order to facilitate the understanding of the subject. In order to provide the reader with a new experience in the study of civil proceedings, there is also access to exclusive content in videos prepared by the author about selected topics. Author and publisher hope that this book will continue to be useful to everyone who studies this very important and exciting subject.

Thus, the concern to assist the expectation of teachers and students from all over Brazil, who have been adopting the work as a complete course for the subject of Civil Procedural Law. In addition, the work will contain short videos lessons and visual law of the tables and flowcharts.


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