Change your concern for prevention!

Wear mask

Wash the hands

Avoid crowding

The Medina & Guimarães Law Firm, in view of the decrees of the States and Municipalities in which the headquarters and its branches are located, which provide for the care to be taken due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and which restrict the activities to be carried out in the coming years. , reiterates the commitment to the life, health and well-being of its members and its customers.

It also informs that the teams from all areas of the Office will continue to operate remotely, in a home office regime. During this period, we make ourselves available through the email and by phone +55 (44) 4001-3800. All messages will be immediately forwarded to the responsible areas and promptly answered.

The Medina Guimarães Office expresses its solidarity with all the people who are going through this difficult time and with their families, and renews its concern, shared by the institutions and the citizens, that measures to combat the pandemic are promptly taken.


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