Areas of Expertise

Performance in the Higher Courts

With one of its units in Brasilia, our office has a team specialized in acting in Higher Courts. With more than 20 years of experience in the area, the work developed by the team involves the preparation and presentation of memorials, as well as oral arguments and follow-up of the judgment sessions in the HIgh Court of Justice and the Supreme Federal Court.

The co-founders develop research on topics related to the performance in the Higher Courts and have already published the books Prequestionamento, Repercussão Geral da Questão Constitucional, Relevância da Questão Federal (José Miguel Garcia Medina) (Prequestioning, General Repercussion of the Constitutional Question, Relevance of the Federal Question), Os Agravos Interno e Regimental e Recursos Especial e Extraordinário: Técnicas de elaboração, processamento e julgamento (Rafael de Oliveira Guimarães) (The Internal and Regimental Diseases” and “Resources Special and Extraordinary: Techniques of elaboration, processing and judgment).


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