Areas of Expertise

Human Rights and Social Responsibility

Based on the theme that involves the correlation between “Companies and Human Rights”, we offer support to companies that aim to comply with national and international regulations, which ensure the protection and promotion of human rights in internal and external business relationships and operations.

We also help companies in the “Corporate Social Responsibility” area, providing mechanisms for our clients to conform to social compliance policies, with the adoption of practices that respect and protect the interest of society in general. Our practices involve providing advice and consultancy to adapt business practices, elaborating contracts, codes of conduct and internal policies, as well as conducting training and audits (due diligence).

The partner Mariana Barsaglia Pimentel developed her Master’s research at the Federal University of Paraná in this area, which resulted in the dissertation work entitled O contrato como instrumento de proteção e promoção dos direitos humanos no âmbito empresarial: As cláusulas éticas (The contract as an instrument for the protection and promotion of human rights in the business sphere: The ethical clauses)


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